Since 1980, workers’ real wages decreased, labor rights dismantled, the safety-net shredded, all while wealth and income inequality dramatically increased. Our communities must wield our collective economic and political power to remedy these inequities.


of Americans don't have an extra $400 in their account if an emergency came up.

38 Million

Americans are living in poverty. More than 11 million are children.


What the average unbanked family with an annual income of around $25,000 spends on financial transactions.

24.6 Million

American households either unbanked or underbanked.

$17.03 Trillion

Total household debt.

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New Focus Cards

issued in 2023

$26.3+ Million

Total deposits

to the Focus Card in 2023


Total deposits

to savings in 2023

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Community Financial Resources
CFR Partner

For one of our youth Focus Card holders, this was the first time anyone in her family had entered into the banking system. She began to share what she learned from us and our financial literacy programs with her family, which put them on a path to new tools and relationships with banking.

Midpen Housing
Program Manager Resident Services, MidPen Housing
Tarlon Badiee

CFR's structure allowed our on-site Services Coordinators the ability to enroll Residents directly, provide clear informational packets, and we were able to deposit (with CFR's support) Resident earnings securely into their Focus Card accounts. Everything our residents earn goes directly into their hands and allows them the opportunity to utilize their earnings any way best for them and their families.

Neighborhood Industries
participant at Neighborhood Industries
Michael Vargas

The focus card is a whole different card. Easy to access and gives you more feedback than other cards. Let's you know how you spent your money and also gives you a location where you spend your money. Easier than ever, if your card gets lost or stolen it will show you where it was spent at, so better access to find your card. Great card no complaints.

Community Financial Resources
CFR Partner

One Transitional Age Youth had been unbanked due to a negative banking record. As a result, no financial institution would open a bank account for them. The Focus Card changed that. The TAY is now connected to the financial mainstream economy.

Co-Director, SparkPoint Contra Costa
Gerardo Mendoza

Over the past few years, SparkPoint Contra Costa (SPCC) and Community Financial Resources (CFR) have collaborated to support students' financial sustainability through SparkPoint programs at community colleges. These programs offer students the opportunity to establish a strong foundation for increasing their income and provide incentives for achieving financial milestones.

Community Financial Resources
CFR Partner

Our participant reported how beneficial it's been to finally have a bank account. At her new job she was able to receive direct deposits because she has an account to provide to them. She has enjoyed learning how to use banking systems and have a place to save and track her spending. This has helped her family establish how to manage their finances in this country.

Economic Justice Associate, RYSE Center
Cory Aguilar

CFR has and continues to provide our youth with quality financial tools and products that uplift work that we do here at RYSE. These financial supports have greatly increased the opportunities our young people are able to provide themselves, their families, and community.

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Community Financial Resources is a solution-provider. We see a world where everyone has the tools needed to have financial stability, protect their assets, and establish a foundation to build wealth. We promote economic justice and fairness by providing financial inclusion solutions based on the latest research, backed by our financial industry partners, and delivered by organizations representing the communities we serve.