Partner Spotlight: UpSpire

UpSpire is a mission-driven, employment-based social enterprise. Their mission is to lower or eliminate barriers to employment that residents of the Fort Worth, TX community face every day. Acting as an extension of Presbyterian Night Shelter, UpSpire works with low-income, often unhoused, individuals to increase their job skills. They empower their employees to contribute to the local economy, obtain job stability, and forge their own path toward economic freedom. UpSpire currently has four areas for which they employ: staffing, commercial landscaping, litter removal, and janitorial services. Since 2016, they have lifted over 250 people out of homelessness.

As a CFR Focus Card partner, UpSpire uses our Card to help their payroll processing time and avoid check timing and fraud issues. CFR was able to assist UpSpire in moving to 100% direct deposit for their employees, a huge feat in ensuring pay equity. UpSpire believes that “people deserve non-predatory fees, easy access to their hard-earned money, the ability to rebuild their credit, and secure their finances in a savings account.”

CFR is proud to partner with UpSpire and is impressed by their tireless dedication to removing barriers that can limit and even prohibit stability, personal/professional growth, and advancement.

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